S16 Vinile di trasferimento di calore di scintillio della Corea

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Thick Glitter HTV 0.45mm

No glitter colors change even in dark clothes


High Quality Korea Glitter HTV

Easy Cut, Easyweed, Suitable sticky both for plotter and laser


No Delamination Problem

PET doesn't delaminate from Glitter as some bad glitter


Sublimation White Glitter

Our White Glitter S1601 can be sublimated designs perfectly now.


More than 100 Colors

All colors available and you can find one which is best for you. 


How to Cut in Cricut

Use your desktop cricut cutter and simply make your DIY t-shirts

Specifications for S16 Vinile di trasferimento di calore di scintillio della Corea

color S1601 White or S1602 Black or S1603 Light Gold or S1604 Gold or S1605 Yellow Gold or S1606 Dark Gold or S1607 Champaign Gold or S1608 Rose Gold or S1609 Light Silver or S1610 Silver or S1611 Gray or S1612 Dark Grey or S1613 Light Copper or S1614 Copper or S1615 Brown or S1616 Red or S1617 Dark Red or S1618 Pink or S1619 Dark Pink or S1620 Light Purple or S1621 Purple or S1622 Fuchsia or S1623 Sky Blue or S1624 Lake Blue or S1625 Royal Blue or S1626 Navy or S1627 Lemon Green or S1628 Emerald or S1629 Green or S1641 Rainbow Pink White or S1642 Rainbow Green White or S1643 Rainbow Purple or S1644 Rainbow Pink or S1645 Rainbow Orange or S1646 Rainbow Orange Red or S1647 Rainbow Blue or S1648 Rainbow Lemon Green or S1649 Rainbow Yellow or S1651 Hologram Gold or S1652 Hologram Silver or S1653 Hologram Copper or S1654 Hologram Red or S1655 Hologram Light Purple or S1656 Hologram Purple or S1657 Hologram Blue or S1658 Hologram Royal Blue or S1659 Hologram Emerald or S1660 Hologram Black or S1661 Hologram Colorful Black or S1665 Neon Purple or S1666 Neon Pink or S1667 Neon Orange or S1668 Neon Orange Red or S1669 Neon Blue or S1671 Rainbow Strip or S1672 Rainbow Strip or S1673 Rainbow Strip or S1674 Rainbow Strip or S1675 Rainbow Strip or S1676 Rainbow Strip or S1681 Multi-color Strip or S1682 Multi-color Strip or S1683 Multi-color Strip or S1684 Multi-color Strip or S1685 Multi-color Strip or S1686 Multi-color Strip or S1687 Multi-color Strip or S1688 Multi-color Strip or S1689 Multi-color Strip or S1690 Multi-color Strip or S1691 Multi-color Strip or S1692 Multi-color Strip or S1693 Multi-color Strip or S1694 Multi-color Strip or S1630 Blue or S1631 Multi-color or S1630 Old Glory Blue or S16-101 or S16-102 or S16-103 or S16-104 or S16-105 or S16-106 or S16-107 or S16-108 or S16-109 or S16-110 or S16-111 or S16-112
Size 50cmx25m

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