Vinyl gifting ideas
Vinyl gifting ideas

If you have a creative streak and are down to explore vinyl gifting ideas, you have come to the right page. You might be aware that vinyl can adhere to different surfaces like glass, wood, cloth, etc. well, if you didn’t already, now you do. Let us show you a few ways to bring your ideas to life.

Vinyl gifting ideas that can be made easily

1. Printing favorite pieces of crockery

One of the most commonly used and loved DIY vinyl gifting items is a printed piece of crockery. Be it a cup, plate, or kettle. The point is to make the person smile every time he/she uses it. People normally get quirky personal jokes or messages written. For example, a “World’s Best Mom” for Mother’s Day or an “I’m a green tea girl” for your green tea fanatic friend. The options are endless.

2. Personalized designing on items like handmade mittens or sweaters

You might be wanting to make your hand-made woolen stuff more appealing and interesting. The easiest way to do it is to apply a simple yet cool HTV patch of your liking to it. If the gift is for a kid, then you can go for a glow-in-the-dark HTV to make it all the best gift ever for the little one.

3. Not just a piece of wood

Thinking to gift someone a custom wooden house plaque? Don’t let it just a name painted over a piece of wood. With HTV, you can add much more than just a name. Take inspiration from the internet for your ideas and go for it. The receiver will surely use it with pride and glee.

4. Something out of a special childhood book

You can always take inspiration from a beloved childhood memory like a favorite show or a favorite book and make some custom gift using the vinyl. For example, if your friend is a fan of Harry Potter then you can make keychains or clothes printed with Harry Potter specific characters or dialogues. Or you can make them glow-in-dark ornaments

5. Festive gifts

Festival season is always the best season to give special gifts to special people. Not only do they make for special items, but they will make very special memories and collectives as well. Especially if the gift is your creative project. These gifts can be easily created using heat transfer vinyl of various kinds that are widely available in the market. The glitter ones are preferred to make them more festive.

So, take your pick from these easy gifting ideas for your occasions and make them more special. You can get many more vinyl gifting ideas from the internet and can get them prepared for you on order. Or you can get the custom vinyl DTF heat transfers made and stick them on the items yourself.

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