S35 Vinyl Cutter And Accessoires

  • Pattern
  • Plotter

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S30 WiFi Cutting Plotter

Phone's films cutting plotter


SQ3 Auto Touring

Full fuction vinyl cutter desktop plotter


Easy Maintenance

Simple replace accessories

Specifications for S35 Vinyl Cutter And Accessoires

Pattern contour cutting(read four marks) or auto-contour cutting(read cross marks) or camera-contour cutting or Servo Countour cutting or Servo auto-contour cutting
Plotter 12inch/330cm or Signmaster or 30 Degree Blade or 45 Degree Blade or 60 Degree Blade or S35-01 630/24 or S35-02 1080/42 or S35-03 1200/48 or S35-04 1350/54 or S35-05 1600/64

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