S32 DTF 白墨烫画打印机

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70cm DTF printer

Double xp600 Epson print heads, high efficient printing speed.


A3 DTF printer

Double xp600 Epson print heads, high speed printing, small and easy to use


4 i3200 DTF Printer

Quickest speed printer to make heat transfers, best Epson print heads


A3 DTF film

Double sides dtf film, easy to print and heat transfer on clothing


0.6x100m DTF Roll

  Best quality, competetive prices, stock quick shipment


DTF inks 

White colors, CMYK fresh colors, competitive cost pigment inks, no oil after drying


How to install A3 printer

  Easy to install and print


How to install shaker/dryer

 Guide you to install and use shaker/dryer


A3 dtf printer printing  

Real printing of A3 dtf printer

Specifications for S32 DTF 白墨烫画打印机

Model S32-01 A3 R1390 Sheet or S32-02 A3 L1800 Sheet or S32-03 A3 DX5 Sheet or S32-04 A3 R1390 Roll or S32-05 A3 L1800 Roll or S32-06 A3 DX5 Roll or S32-07 A3 Double XP600 Roll or S32-21 0.6M Double XP600 or S32-22 0.6M Double I3200 or S32-23 0.6M Double 4700 or S32-24 0.6M 4 Heads I3200 or S32-25 0.6M 4 Heads 4720 or S32-51 A3 Shaking & Dryer or S32-52 0.6M Shaking & Dryer or S32-61 A3 Oven or S32-81 R1390+Oven or S32-82 R1390+Shaking & Dryer or S32-83 L1800+Shaking & Dryer or S32-71 Printing Consumables Set1 or S32-72 Printing Consumables Set2 or S32-85 0.6M Double XP600+Shaking & Dryer or S32-84 A3 Double XP600+Shaking & Dryer